It is time to change the society. We can change our society with the help science. So need much knowledge of science and use it very highly that will be helpful for our society. In every section of life we can add all time of the section of science information to our peole. Like this we can add to primary school book as fundemantel of science, about the scientist, about their life status, about top invention. By this progressing in class we can add latest information of science. At higher sutidies not only in science but also other section we can add all type of the invention of science and fundemental of science invention because it is essential for all kinds of student.. May be we are not rich but we can establish basic laboratory that will be helpful to know science. Every higher student and university teacher should be chanced to research. Beside this many of our people in Bangladesh who are not well educated but they are so talent by their own merit. We should give opportunity to them and establish a sector that they can use their own merit. Beside all then student of Bangladesh should communicate with the foreign friend to familiar them and collect sponsor to increase it. If possible it, we will not back and will be save because without knowledge of science we can not go ahead and reach and familiar us as a established nation