Father of Ali-Bourtner potential law-Dr.Shamsher Ali

Father  of Ali-Bourtner potential and President of Bangladesh Science Academy Dr.Shamsher Ali.  He has been  explained about his research and contribution.

Rafikul Islam: Welcome to you.
Dr.Ali: Welcome.

Rafikul Islam: What is the topics of your research?
Dr.Ali: My main research on Nuclear Physics and Hyper nuclear Physics. The main goal on research to know the structure of Nucleus. Second goal to know about Lambda particle that exist in temporary . Lambda when combined with nucleus then form a bond that is discussed in Hyper Physics.

Rafikul Islam: What is the great achievement in your research?
Dr.Ali: In my whole life great achievement is to established  Ali-Bourtner potential law. Scientists around the whole world who research of Alpha-Alpha cluster follow this law.

Rafikul Islam: Kindly will tell about this law?
Dr.Ali: Alpha-Alpha particle means Helium. It is shown in periodic table  Alpha present in Oygen in number 4, in Magnesium in number 6 and they are stable. But Berilium  it is not stable that I have proved.

Rafikul Islam: Say about contribution of Rutherford to research on Atom.
Dr.Ali: In clearly we can not forget about the contribution of Rutherford in atomic research. For his atomic model we have known  about the structure on Nucleus. As a result it has been easy to research on smallest particle.

Rafikul Islam: Any new  research going on about Nucleus?
Dr.Ali: At present we knew Fire,water is potential element. Then now have 92 element. Then we know about electron, proton, neutron and  about quark but it is not exact. So at present also going a great research.

Rafikul Islam: What is your suggestion for new scientists?
Dr.Ali: I want to say research clearly not think to be great. First think you have to research for public and world. Then you will be great scientist.